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Business insurance claims and the Boothby Taylor sheriff

Posted by joe
16th October 2013

If your business needs to make an insurance claim and you deal direct with an insurer you could be left feeling you haven’t got what you think you deserve when the payment comes through.

The most common reason claims don’t get paid is because inadequate cover is in place. You arrange cover online, you pay your premium and the small print catches you out. You then become embroiled in a Mexican standoff with the insurer. The insurer usually wins because you have agreed the statement of fact document and you should have read everything through.

When you use a business insurance broker like Boothby Taylor you get assistance completing the proposal form. You talk to a real person about your business and the exclusions and warranties get explained to you. If a policy doesn’t meet your requirements we can offer a product from other insurers without you filling out additional forms.

When you need to make a claim we help you collect all the information and present the claim to insurers in a way that will help you get the most out of your cover. Our new youtube video goes some way to explain what we do.

The video was made with the help of our good friends at and if you like it give them a call to do one for you. It’s cheaper than you think.

Posted by joe
16th October 2013
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