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Recruitment Agency – Personal Accident Protection

Posted by joe
3rd January 2014

Why buy the cover?

When an employer takes on temporary employees from their recruitment agent the responsibility for the health and safety of the employee is shared. Now more than ever, major employers are passing this responsibility back to the recruitment agency. Naturally, employers wish to minimise their exposure to employers’ liability claims, so look to put a personal accident scheme in place. To compliment the cover provided by our recruitment agency combined liability policies, we can arrange personal accident cover with Sagicor underwriting.

Who is covered?

Recruitment personal accident insurance provides financial protection, following accidental bodily injury, to persons assigned into temporary employment. There are three options on the cover available.

Option 1: The cover is operative on a 24 hour basis whilst assigned into temporary employment

Option 2: The cover is operative whilst in the course of or in connection with your employment, including commuting to and from home to the place of work

Option 3: The cover is operative whilst in the course of or in connection with your employment, excluding commuting to and from home to the place of work

What is the standard cover?

There is no standard level of cover; however an example of the cover we can provide is as follows:



Various extensions to the policy apply including: dissapearance, medical expenses, funeral expenses, dependent child benefit, personal effects.

How is the scheme administered, and what are the costs?

Premiums are charged on a per person per week basis and depend on the nature of the work undertaken and the level of benefit required. The insurer requires a deposit premium based on the assumed number of employees for the year and a declaration is made to ensure the numbers are correct. The recruitment agency can pass back the costs back to the temporary employee. This is administered by payroll and collected on a weekly basis from the temporary employees wages.

How to get a quotation

Simply complete the attached proposal form and return it by email and we will contact our underwriter for the best terms.



For more information on the cover provided please contact us on 01245 409506.

Posted by joe
3rd January 2014
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