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Why we think you should choose Boothby Taylor

Posted by joe
8th August 2013

We have been arranging insurance for small to medium (SME) sized businesses for over 15 years. The last five years have seen a dramatic change in the way the insurance industry works and how businesses buy insurance.

Over 80% of the businesses we see come in via the internet. Most of these people don’t know a great deal about insurance or understand the implications of certain wordings or warranties. Whilst a lot of businesses say they just want the cheapest quotation we have found they still need the help and advice that is normally only found offline.

This is where we really excel. We make sure that the cover is explained clearly and try to remove the jargon, so you fully understand what you are covered for.  Most importantly we explain the areas excluded or that could cause a problem, whilst still obtaining the best quotations

We think we are getting the balance of price and service just right. Here’s how we do it:

You can get instant insurance quotations from up to 15 different insurers online

  • Each of those quotations is checked by a trained insurance professional
  • If we think we can do better we’ll call you, as not all of our insurers work online
  • Talk through the quotations with one of the team

Online policy documentation and payment

  • Documentation emailed directly to you on receipt of payment
  • Monthly direct debits available to spread the cost
 At any point you can call us for advice
  • We are not a call centre and it’s likely that you will speak to the same person
 If it’s not available online then phone us as we can still help

A lot of companies have more unusual requirements or grow bigger than the capabilities of the internet.

We have more insurance products available offline than we do on our website, such as: Fleet insurance, Motor trade, manufacturing, professional indemnity, shop insurance, contractors liability…

Most importantly we will carry out the same process every year to make sure our clients continue to get the most suitable policy at the best possible premium.

All you need to do now is give us a try, call 01245 409506

Posted by joe
8th August 2013
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