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Returning To work? Be Sure To Insure!

After months of working from home, the reality of returning back to work is now slowing coming upon the majority of us. From early mornings and commuting to work, to a complete worldwide lockdown, not only working from home but only leaving just for essential items. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to take a look at different insurances that need to be activated and set in place again before returning back to work.

As we start to return to work, there is no doubt that there are a lot of things you need to consider. Here at Boothby Taylor, we want to make sure the transition runs smoothly ensuring that returning to work is safe and the best decision for both you and your family. Throughout these uncertain times, we don’t know exactly what the near future holds. But for now, the fact that life is beginning to return to normal is a huge positive for the development of everyone in society.

Lockdown has affected everyone in many different ways, it’s only natural that you’re feeling uncertain about the future. We are all having to adapt to the social distancing norms and changes which are made to the smallest things in our every day lives. By following the government guidelines whilst also ensuring that you’re practicing social distancing, it’s important that you have the right insurance set in place to cover both you as an individual and the business as a whole.

- Let’s discuss the most suitable routes for you to go down when looking to insure your workplace when returning back to work after COVID 19.

Public Liability: This is one of the most valued insurance covers which business owners see as the most beneficial and extremely vital when managing and protecting your business. This will cover you against claims of the third party (clients or members of the public). Even if you aren’t entirely responsible for the injury, the cost of the legal defence can be very expensive without this cover. Regardless of the fact that your business is a sole trader or a large business, all business can benefit from this cover.

Cyber Security: If you’re looking for an insurance to cover any cyber attacks on your business, this can protect you. Did you know that 1 in 3 small businesses have been victim to cybercrime in the UK, why wait and let this happen to your business? Cover all data and personal data today!

Office Contents Insurance: This will cover your business equipment from any accidental damage or in the event of something getting lost or stolen on the business property. A bonus of this is that it can be extended to cover you as well. If you have a lot to protect, we would definitely recommend looking into the policy. For any further information contact our team here at Boothby Taylor.

Employers Liability: This is a legal requirement for most businesses, offering you protection from your employees when they raise a claim against either you or the business, for example, if someone is injured at work this will cover your business. If you’re currently employing 1 or more employees then it is essential that you find out more as this is essential when running a business.

If you’re looking to return to business as normal, before you get social distancing in place take a look at these covers. We strongly advise that all businesses have these insurance plans to protect them in these uncetain times. If you’re looking for commercial insurance in Chelmsford, Boothby Taylor can help you today.

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