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Public Liability Insurance

Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, from public liability insurance to office contents insurance. View all of our services or contact us for more information.

What is Pulic Liability Insurance?

Unlike Employers’ Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement. However, given the liability risks, all businesses are open to it is certainly a good idea. Public liability cover is something that most businesses see as a vital piece of insurance because of how well it protects your business.

Public liability insurance covers you against claims from a third party, such as clients or members of the public who are injured as a result of your business activities. Even in situations where you are not responsible for the injury, the costs of a legal defence to prove it can be costly. It is worth seriously considering Public Liability Insurance and if you have any questions at all then please speak to Boothby Taylor Ltd today.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

All businesses can benefit from it regardless of if you are a sole-trader, small business, or large company. It can help offer peace of mind to know that you are protected against claims.

Despite being called “public” liability, it is not just members of the public that can make a claim against you. Your clients and customers can also make claims. It is not just about protecting you against trips and slips. Depending on the type of business you run the main reason you might need it can change.

A trade company working on a building is at risk of debris causing damage to parked cars. For any retail store it is likely that you will have people visiting daily, the number of risks of trips, slips, products or displays falling, etc. could lead to an expensive claim. These are just a few examples of why public liability cover could be for you. Speak to Boothby Taylor Ltd to see what you could be covered for. As a Commercial Insurance Broker in Chelmsford, Essex, we have been helping business for over 20 years.

What Do You Need?

You need to know what level of cover is best for your business. Working that out can be tricky and so finding a specialist Commercial Insurance Broker is potentially a good way to go. We can help compare insurance policies and answer any questions you have about public liability insurance.

Having the right cover in place can save you thousands in comparison to the potential cost of claims. We can help you find this at competitive rates. Here at Boothby Taylor Ltd, we pride ourselves on our high-standards and first-class customer service, why not give us a call?

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Without suitable cover in place, you could find you are liable for a public liability claim. This would leave you needing to fork out for the legal costs and compensation payments. Can your business afford to pay these and survive?

Speak to Boothby Taylor Ltd today about your business insurance needs and we will help you identify what cover you would benefit from.

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