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We are a trusted independent insurance broker, based in Chelmsford, Essex

Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, from public liability insurance to office contents insurance. View all of our services or contact us for more information.

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Boothby Taylor has been providing commercial business insurance for over 20 years. We believe that you should be treated as we would like to be treated ourselves, which means providing the highest possible standards in service and aftercare. We have made the process of purchasing business insurance online very simple. Every quotation is reviewed and checked by one of our in house account handlers.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Boothby Taylor, this ensures the best quotation is provided and that your business insurance requirements are met. Whilst there is an increase in the amount of business transacted electronically, there is still the need for one to one, bespoke insurance policies. We'll even supply the cake.

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When it comes down to getting the right insurance for your business and employees, here at Boothby Taylor – Chelmsford’s Number 1 Business Insurance broker, we can help you every step of the way. Our qualified team will work closely with you to make sure you have the appropriate cover for you and your business at the best possible price. With years of experience in the insurance industry, we can help you decide the specific route to go down when looking at business insurance, making sure all aspects are appropriately covered.  

Leave the hard work in finding the right business insurance to our team here at Boothby Taylor, with a highly competitive market we can insure you that you will get the best deals around. Boothby Taylor – Chelmsford’s Number 1 Business Insurance broker want to address the importance of how these insurances work together to cover your business. None of them are a full cover but combined your business will be fully insured in the workplace.

What Is Public Liability Insurance? This insurance cover will protect your business from any claims which are made by any member of the public. Even if you aren’t guilty of the claim they’ve made against you, the legal process can be costly and this insurance cover will help you out if this were ever to happen. No matter the size of your business, everyone will benefit from this cover, it’s important for the business to be protected at all costs.

To find out more about public liability insurance, please click here 

Find Out About Office Contents Insurance: There is no better time than the present for you to take out this insurance cover, this will cover any of your business’ equipment against accidental damage or if something gets stolen or lost. No matter if your working from home or in an office surrounded by a large team, anyone can apply for this insurance cover. It’s important to note that there are different levels of covers to suit you and your business, take time and care when choosing the right cover for you.

To find out more about Office Contents Insurance, please click here 

Who Needs Cyber Security Insurance? This is the perfect cover to protect your database from any cyber attacks, if your business’s vital information is kept online this cover is essential for you. If you’re a small business, this most certainly is essential to you and your database. It’s not too late to get covered, but don’t leave it any longer to get your cybersecurity insurance. Businesses both large and small are exposed to cyber-attacks, talk to our team to find out more!

To find out more about Cyber Security Insurance, please click here 

What Is Employers Liability Insurance? This is a legal requirement for businesses that have 1 or more employees working for them. In the event of an employee rising an issue or complaint against the business, this insurance will cover you. An important note to make is if you employ someone under a contract, this legislation will apply to you. For further information, give us a call today!

To find out more about Employers Liability Insurance, please click here 

Why do you need Professional Indemnity Insurance? This is the perfect cover to protect your business from the cost of legal actions and claims taken out about your business. Your business may be at a higher risk if you provide direct services and offer advice. We would strongly advise you to protect your business and get a Professional Indemnity Cover. To Find out more head over to our page or contact our team for some in-depth information.

To find out more about Professional Indemnity Insurance, please click here 

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